Nanosafety, Biocompatibility and Risk Management of Materials

Alternatives to Animal Experiments (3RConcepts)

  • Biocompatibility testing of materials (acc. to relevant guidelines)
  • Aspects of nanosafety including the development of alternatives to animal models according to the 3R concept
  • Biopharmaceutical in vitro models (2D and 3D) to characterize drug transport in the body

Safety and biocompatibility of (nano)materials are investigated throughout the complete life cycle of materials in the body (short-term and long-term toxicity) taking not only the synthesized form, but also the behavior in relevant test media, in combination with biomolecule coronas as well as degradation products and aged materials into consideration.

Selected papers for further information:

  • Fischer D, Rabel M (2017). Crack the Egg - Ein alternatives Konzept zur Testung von Nanomaterialien. LABO online, Ausgabe 09/2017, pp.52-55, ISSN 0344-5208
  • Fischer D, Warncke P (2017). Nano ist nicht gleich Nano. Pharmazeutische Zeitung. 23/2017
  • Schlenk F, Werner S, Rabel M, Jacobs F, Bergemann C, Clement JH, Fischer D (2017). Comprehensive analysis of the in vitro and ex ovo hemocompatibility of surface engineered iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Arch Toxicol. April 4. 2017
  • Knop K, Hoogenboom R, Fischer D, Schubert US (2010). Poly(ethylene glycol) in drug delivery: pros and cons as well as potential alternatives. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 49(36), 6288-308
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